PERUFEST 2010: Videos

PERUFEST: Festival of New Peruvian Films, presented the most recent cinematographic productions from Peru, being the first festival devoted to Peruvian Cinema in New York City.

The first edition of PERUFEST was held at the King Juan Carlos of Spain Center at NYU, during April 15th.  & 16th. , 2010.

Claudia Salazar is the founder and Artistic Director of PERUFEST.

Here you can watch some videos of this event:

Opening words by Jo Labanyi and Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez:

Interview with Claudia Salazar, Director of PERUFEST:

Interview with Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez:

Interview vith Directors Cady Abarca & JuanMa Calderón:

Receptions & public comments:

Interview at UNIVISION: