PERUFEST 2010: Videos

PERUFEST: Festival of New Peruvian Films, presented the most recent cinematographic productions from Peru, being the first festival devoted to Peruvian Cinema in New York City.

The first edition of PERUFEST was held at the King Juan Carlos of Spain Center at NYU, during April 15th.  & 16th. , 2010.

Claudia Salazar is the founder and Artistic Director of PERUFEST.

Here you can watch some videos of this event:

Opening words by Jo Labanyi and Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez:

Interview with Claudia Salazar, Director of PERUFEST:

Interview with Ambassador Gonzalo Gutiérrez:

Interview vith Directors Cady Abarca & JuanMa Calderón:

Receptions & public comments:

Interview at UNIVISION:


PeruFest 2010: Photos

El Sr. Embajador Gonzalo Gutiérrez, representante del Perú en las Naciones Unidas, acompañado por: Jo Labanyi (directora del centro King Juan Carlos), Claudia Salazar (directora de PERUFEST) y Laura Turégano (subdirectora del centro King Juan Carlos)

Los directores JuanMa Calderón, Melina León y Cady Abarca, con Claudia Salazar.

Más fotos del festival, aquí:!/pages/PeruFest/109092205783123

PERUFEST 2010: Credits and Acknowledgments

Curator / Artistic Director:  Claudia Salazar

 Assistant Director:  Ana Ribeiro

Posters, Postcards & Program Design:

Thanks to:

Vanesa Alarcón, Ha Yeon Ahn, Graciela Báez, Mariano Carranza, Eun Ha Choi, José Gabriel Chueca, Mariela Dreyfus, Gabriel Giorgi, Javier Guerrero, Jo Labanyi, Jill Lane, Melina León, Milagros Lizarraga, Iris Mansilla, Josué Méndez, Américo Mendoza, Camila Otero, Luis A. Pérez, José Reyes, Juan Manuel Robles, Israel Rodríguez, Laslo Rojas, Valeria Ruiz, Renzo Salvatierra, Samantha Schumacher, Amaury Sosa, Sarah Thomas, Laura Turégano, Javier Uriarte, Sarah Wolf & Michelle Zumarán.

Thanks to all the Filmmakers who kindly provided their films.

Thanks also to the generous support of: NYU King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, NYU Center of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), NYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese, NYU Student Council of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences & Panca Restaurant.

And specials thanks to:  Ana Ribeiro  &  Christian Yong.

PeruFest 2010: Schedule

Admission to all screenings and receptions is FREE and OPEN to the GENERAL PUBLIC. Festival seating is done on a First-come, first-served basis.  All films have English subtitles.

Thursday, April 15, 2:00 p.m.:

Los actores, Omar Forero, 2006  (109’)

Thursday, April 15, 4:15 p.m.:       

Los Milagros inútiles de Demeryat, Aldo Salvini, 1996 (30’)

El Americano, Claudia Sparrow, 2008 (24’)

Rey de Londres, Valeria Ruiz, 2006 (18’)

Ela, Silvana Aguirre, 2007 (11’)

Thursday, April 15, 6:00 p.m.:       

Taxista, Enrica Pérez, 2007 (21’)

Danzak, Gabriela Yepes, 2007 (19’)

El paraíso de Lili, Melina León, 2009 (16’)

Q&A with director Melina León.

Thursday, April 15, 7:30 p.m.:

Dioses, Josué Mendez, 2008 (83’)

Opening Reception from 9pm to 10pm.

Friday, April 16, 2:00 p.m.:

Encierro, Fernando Montenegro, 2009 (68’)

¿Te estás sintiendo sola?, Rosario García-Montero, 2003 (14’)

Friday, April 16, 3:45 p.m.:

Reunión, Antolín Prieto, 2008 (21’)

Payasos, Marianela Vega, 2009 (24’)

Ego, Rossana Alalú, 2006 (60’)

Friday, April 16, 6:00 p.m.:

Razones para el exxxilio, Juan Manuel Calderón, 2004 (80’)

El viaje, Cady Abarca, 2005 (17’)

Q&A with directors Juan Manuel Calderón and Cady Abarca.

Friday, April 16, 8:15 p.m.:

Madeinusa, Claudia Llosa, 2006 (103’)

Closing Reception from 10pm to 11pm.

PERUFEST is  co-sponsored by: NYU King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center, NYU Center of Latin American and Caribbean Studies (CLACS), NYU Department of Spanish and Portuguese, NYU Student Council of the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences, Panca Restaurant.

Entrevista en UNIVISION

PERUFEST: entrevista en UNIVISION con Víctor Javier Solano, sábado 10 de abril, en el programa “Acá entre nos”.
Participan: Claudia Salazar (Curadora y Directora Artística de PERUFEST), Melina León (Directora de “EL paraíso de Lili”) y Cady Abarca (Director de “El viaje”).

Video de la entrevista:

Madeinusa — Claudia Llosa, 2006 (103’)

VIERNES / FRIDAY APRIL 16       8:15  PM

Closing Reception to follow.

Madeinusa is a 14 year-old girl who lives in an isolated village in the Cordillera Blanca Mountain range of Peru. This strange place is characterized by its religious fervor, particularly during a festival when one is allowed to do as they please. Everything changes though with the arrival, at the village of Salvador, of a young geologist from Lima, who unknowingly changes the destiny of the girl.

Madeinusa es una joven de 14 años que vive en un pueblo de la Cordillera Blanca en Perú. Este extraño lugar se caracteriza por su fervor religioso, especialmente en una festividad en la que los lugareños pueden hacer lo que les plazca. Todo cambiará con la llegada de Salvador, un joven geólogo de Lima, que cambiará el destino de la joven sin proponérselo.



El viaje / One day trip — Cady Abarca, 2005 (17’)

VIERNES / FRIDAY APRIL 16       6:00  PM

Q&A with Director CADY ABARCA to follow.

One day trip tells the story of two young 13 year-old boys, Gonzalo and his best friend Tito, who embark on a journey to one of the most sordid and sleaziest places in Lima, Peru, where one of the boys’ devastating secret is revealed. This event will mark the end of their innocence. 

El viaje cuenta la historia de dos niños que realizan juntos un viaje hacia uno de los lugares más sórdidos de Lima, donde la revelación de un devastador secreto marcará el fin de la inocencia.

Sobre el director:

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